Chandelier – Yonge Guns & Ripple Effect

3 years ago we had the privilege of performing in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for a week. While there we took in a little (not so little) show called Choir of ManThis song sits at the centre of that show and we could not stop thinking about it. Fast forward and we were blessed with a time in our career where no one was busy performing and we all finally had time to learn something new. Luckily our friends in Ripple Effect were in a similar situation and this incredible bath of lush chords and beautiful lines took shape. We can’t wait to be able to sing it in person some day!

More Videos

My Lady Loves to Dance – BHS International Convention, July 2019

Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl) – with songwriter and lead singer of Looking Glass, Elliot Lurie

Danny Boy – Remembrance Day 2020


2 thoughts on “Videos

  1. Jennifer Slade says:

    Dear Yonge Guns,
    Thank you for being terrific and warm hearted! Your musicality, presence, and performance delighted both me and my three year old son, Jack. We got to take in your performance at Roy Thompson Hall both before the 2pm and the 4pm Symphony Spooktacular. My son loved it soooo much! He is still singing the Java Jive and demands the King Singers video of “the Train song on repeat so to learn it!” We hope to see you again soon! He is an avid fan and doesn’t understand why Siri doesn’t know who you are!
    Jen Slade (and Jack Slade)


    • Yonge Guns Quartet says:

      Thank you kindly, Jen and Jack! We’re so glad you enjoyed our performance. We hope you’ll follow our adventures and join us the next time you’re available when we perform!

      Also, Jack, keep practicing singing the songs you love! The best singers do it all the time, and the happiest ones too! Maybe next time you can sing with us?


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