Yonge Guns

…and your 2015 international collegiate 3rd place bronze medallists are…Yonge Guns!

Welcome to the official site of Yonge Guns Quartet! All the who’s, what’s, when’s, and where’s at your fingertips.

Yonge Guns is an a cappella quartet hailing from Toronto, Ontario. Specializing in the barbershop style, Yonge Guns sings in a variety of genres for a variety of audiences. From humble beginnings at Earl Haig Secondary School, the guys have had the opportunity to perform in venues across North America and around the world. From weddings to workshops, concerts to contests, Yonge Guns takes the opportunity to perform wherever, whenever, and strive to share the joy of singing through all avenues. Let the mantra hold true and keep the whole world singing!

Please, get in touch via e-mail at yongegunsquartet@gmail.com, or contact us directly through this website!


5 thoughts on “Yonge Guns

  1. Jamie Macpherson says:

    Wow! What an emotional ride you took us through on your ballad! We are very lucky to witness your talent alongside the big guns…….oh yeah, Yonge Guns are now Big Guns!


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