Chris Tanaka-Mann – Tenor

Chris has been singing before audiences from the age of seven. He learned much of what he knows about music and singing at St. Michael’s Choir School. He continues to pursue learning through various musical opportunities, including a pop-rock nostalgia band in university, various community Theatre productions, workshops, and masterclasses.

Chris was introduced to the Barbershop Harmony Society in January 2013, joining the Simcoe Gentlemen of Harmony. He couldn’t continue attending the chorus when he moved home to Toronto later that year, but he was directed to the Toronto Northern Lights by fellow barbershoppers and, after a successful audition, became a member in June 2013. Within the new chorus he met lead Greg Mallett, who asked him a couple of months later to sing tenor in a quartet, and so Yonge Guns was formed.

As a graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University (Double Hon. English and Contemporary Studies w. Philosophy m.) and of the Ontario Institute of Studies in Education / University of Toronto (Intermediate / Senior, English and Philosophy), Chris is a certified Ontario secondary teacher. He currently works as the music specialist for Taddle Creek Montessori School, and intends to return to his studies to enhance his ability to teach music.

Chris is a voice coach for the Toronto Northern Lights. He works as a soloist and section leader with the choir of Armour Heights Presbyterian Church, and greatly enjoys working with Alexander Showcase Theatre on their productions!