Reuven Grajner – Bass

Reuven’s musical journey began when he first started playing the piano at the age of 6. Ever since, he has been infatuated with music. Reuven enjoys writing and performing original music in various forms including with his 9 piece Latin/Funk supergroup The Achromatics, Jazz group Trio Mosaic, dream pop trio Selfoss, his solo work, and of course with Yonge Guns. Outside of his own projects, Reuven is rapidly becoming one of the city’s most sought after keyboardists/sidemen and can be found appearing as a bandleader and sideman alongside various other established artists.To balance a very busy playing schedule, Reuven also enjoys teaching his private students piano/theory lessons.

Reuven began taking singing seriously (singing is no laughing matter), when he was introduced to barbershop by fellow Yonge Gun Greg in grade 12. While on the way back from a choral singing convention with Jonah, they figured barbershop was the perfect fit when they realized they had been singing barbershop songs and tags the whole time on the way back home.

Reuven has recently graduated with a bachelor of Jazz Piano Performance from the University of Toronto. In his free time he loves to play video games, basketball, and watch movies. Oh right – and music too!